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We perform cosmetic restorations, minor glass work, wood repair, interior renovations, provide lots of elbow grease and have a list of professionals we have worked with for the rest of it. With Ferro-constructed boats we go a lot deeper, including structural repairs and new construction with Fer-A-Lite.

Instructional Videos (Coming Soon to a PC near you)

We are currently in production of Instructional Videos for repair and construction using Fer-A-Lite. The video below is first generation, the first selection is suitable for high speed connections, however be patient, I have limited upload bandwidth. The second option is for Dial-up users, much less resolution, but you will get to see it sooner. Also keep in mind that it is a 17 minute video, we are editing it down, but it does show just how strong this material is.

Here is a link to some still shots of the repair on the bow of Ishtar Repairs

Windows Movie File format is only active format at this time. QuickTime support is coming!
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Fer-A-Lite repair



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We are currently located in the Tampa Bay area, however we are anticipating relocating south to the Englewood area in the next few months. We currently have (Feb 2005) a restoration project with a Fer-A-Lite hull at Bahia Beach Marina.


We will be bringing a link table to this area for vendors and service providers that we have experience with and recommend